Booking your first boudoir session or looking into booking one? Below is a list of tips for how to prepare for your boudoir photoshoot with me!

Pamper your skin and face!

  • Hydrate! Make sure to lots of water before your shoot. Hydrated skin is glowing & beautiful.

  • Wash your face and lotion up before you come to the studio. Your session comes with hair and makeup, so show up makeup free, clean dry hair and let us take care of the rest!!

  • Make sure to trim and/or wax your brows. Overgrown brows are just something we can't photoshop.

Get your body ready!

  • Embrace yourself as you are, curves and all! You will be with us for 3/4 hours and there won't be time to take a break to eat snacks (plus we don't want you to mess up your lipstick by eating), so be sure to eat a healthy meal before you arrive to help keep your energy level up.

  • wear loose clothes to the studio to avoid having panties, bras, & socks leaving strange lines on your skin.

  • Make sure you shave your legs, underarms, & intimate areas the morning of your session. Or if you wax, make sure you schedule your appointment a few days before your shoot.

  • If you have tan lines, make sure to visit a tanning bed before your shoot to get your skin color evened out as I do NOT Photoshop tan lines without an additional fee of $30 PER IMAGE due to extensive amount of time it takes to remove them.

  • To get your body ready for all weird & unusual ways its's about to move, do some stretches for the entire week leading up to your session to lessen the amount of pain you will be in afterwards!!!!

Show your hands & feet some love!

  • Your hands and feet will be seen in most of the photos so you'll want to have them looking as gorgeous as you are.

  • Think about your polish shade and what you want to be in the photos. Whether you go with a color or French mani, make sure you love the shade. I recommend shades like nude, pink, red, or maroon & avoiding bold colors like orange or blue.

  • Check the bottom of your feet, are they free of calluses? If not, invest in a pedicure because your feet will show in the photos.

Prep Your Lingerie!

Okay so the key to a fun and sensual boudoir shoot is LINGERIE!

  • Bring at least 3/4 outfits. if you have more, even better! I can help you narrow it down once you arrive.

  • Don't forget to remove the tags from your personal lingerie as we don't want the tags to show up in photos.

  • Make sure to bring any accessories you want to use in photos!!

Get Ready To Have Some Fun!!!!!!